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A parody comic which takes its source material from a relatively unknown game---a doujin Megaclone known as Rosenkreuzstilette. What makes this game interesting is its vastly detailed art and music and engaging storyline. The plot follows Spiritia "Tia" Rosenberg as she fights her friends who have turned against the Holy Empire. The comic, however, takes all aspects of this game and tries to integrate it with actual 16th century Germaniana, with a helping of humor. Hilarity ensues. CAUTION: There may be instances of foreign swearing and possibly risky clothing. But then again, this is a chibi comic, so it may not be so explicit. For a slightly better version, check them out at .

External Links


[erka:es] - The developers behind Rosenkreuzstilette.
The RKS Wiki - The English-language RKS wiki. Constructive additions much appreciated!
Grolla's Dungeon - The English-language RKS fan forum.
RKS on the Spriter's Resource - Where I got the baselines for the in-game backdrops from (I still drew them to fit with the comic's look, though).

16th Century Germany Research

Source of the RKS Library - Well, it's actually Czech, but it's close enough!
The Spandau Citadel - The setting for the RKS headquarters.
Inspiration for RKS HQ's kitchen - Again, not entirely German, but I couldn't find the original source.
Inspiration for RKS HQ Bedrooms - Yep. Definitely adapted for the comic.


The TVTropes Article - Yes, this comic has its own page on TVTropes. Come check it out!