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A parody comic which takes its source material from a relatively unknown game---a doujin Megaclone known as Rosenkreuzstilette. What makes this game interesting is its vastly detailed art and music and engaging storyline. The plot follows Spiritia "Tia" Rosenberg as she fights her friends who have turned against the Holy Empire. The comic, however, takes all aspects of this game and tries to integrate it with actual 16th century Germaniana, with a helping of humor. Hilarity ensues. CAUTION: There may be instances of foreign swearing and possibly risky clothing. But then again, this is a chibi comic, so it may not be so explicit. For a slightly better version, check them out at .

1 - Die Zorne hat ein Problem mit dem Backofen (Posted on March 14th, 2010, 8:57 pm)

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I really hope she doesn't go to culinary school. There just aren't enough safety measures to take around her!

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Author Comments:

Joseph Staleknight, March 14th, 2010, 9:34 pm

Zorne has a problem with the oven
And so it begins!

Well, first comic is go, so I'd like to provide some commentary about the game first before jumping to the comic.
Rosenkreuzstilette is a doujin platformer by a group of artists and programmers known as [erka:es]. While it is a clone of the better-known MegaMan games, it supersedes other clones by having superb art and music (mostly a blend of hard rock and time-appropriate music), as well as a more in-depth story than MegaMan Classic. I will get to the actual story when I reach it in the actual comic, but it involves a church maiden/army official named Spiritia "Tia" Rosenberg, who one day while walking home from training with her fairy friend Lilli, finds out that the Count's daughter Iris is waiting for them. As they reach her, she is suddenly kidnapped, and things start to go to hell in a handbasket. Her friends (eight of them) betray the Empire and lead a rebellion, with her best friend Freudia "Freu" Neuwahl leading the charge. It is now up to her to get her friends to realize the unfortunate implications....

As for the comic itself, it was created to answer a crucial question: "If its so good, then why aren't there any fancomics of it?" Well, there are a few, but they're either hentai or not canon (even though there's only one game in the franchise so far). So I decided, "Hey, why not try to make a comic that was canon and didn't have to put the characters in compromising, albeit sexy, situations?" For that matter, I decided since the time period was roughly in the 1500s, I would try to insert as much fact into it without losing the humor. So thus is this comic made.

Welcome to Rosenkreuzstilette at 4 O'Clock. I hope you enjoy your stay!
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